The Truman Times

February 2024 

 by Lisa Blake, Principal 

Meet Truman’s Parent Advisory Team 


On Tuesday, January 9, 2024, the Truman Parent Advisory Team convened to discuss how we can work together, in partnership, to enhance the school experience for our students.  Thank you to Rhonda Fontaine, Jennifer Holmes, Mohamed Saleh, Fatemah Rahman, Tamanna Rafique, Amanda Ranic and Fawn Scott for your courage to speak honestly and your commitment to this team.  Our team discussed our own best and worst school experiences to begin crafting a plan for increasing diversity, belonging and parent involvement at Truman Elementary School.  Included below are some of the topics we discussed. 

Our own BEST school experiences included... 

Our own WORST school experiences included...

Going on field trips (listed 5 times) 

Being ridiculed by my teacher for not having materials and/or homework 

Fun activities, contests & learning games 

Lack of parent/home support  

Cultural awareness by my teachers 

Being embarrassed for not being able to read as well as everyone else in my class 

After school activities (listed 4 times) 

Not having enough money for things in the school 

My teachers loved me 

Struggling with school and being called out by my teacher 

My teachers (listed by all) 

Being bullied by classmates 

Friends & strong relationships with other students

The principal using a yardstick to hit the back of my knees for running in the hall  

My parents were in the school  

Moving from school to school and struggling academically 

My parents went on field trips with me 

Not speaking English 


Being treated rudely 

As you can see, the information shared at this meeting was very powerful and it was an emotional meeting of the minds. For our next meeting we are going to move into brainstorming what we envision for our program, so it includes more of the best experiences. We are also going to reflect on how we can proactively and collaboratively work to confront any of the worst experiences should they arise. For your planning purposes, our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 9:30 AM in the Main Office. ALL ARE WELCOME! We look forward to having Mrs. Judy Faircloth join us too! 

Memorable Moments 

Spin with Someone Special on January 10 was a huge success!  Thank you to all of you who donated a basket and thank you to the Truman teachers for setting up, chaperoning and dancing the night away with the students.  A big thank you to our PTA who coordinated and organized this event.  We are very grateful for you! 



Timely Reminders 

8:40 am Student arrival: Doors open for students to enter cafeteria for breakfast and/or a book.

8:50 am Student arrival continues. Breakfast 

9:00 am Morning announcements. Students arriving after 9:00 sign in late to school at the Main Office.

9:05 am Class begins.

3:15 pm - 3:20 pm Student dismissal by Parent Pick up at Door 14 and cafeteria. 

3:20 pm - 3:34 pm Dismissal by bus at Door 1.